Any questions? Please get in touch


1. Do I need an appointment?

No you don't need an appointment, just come in. If you are travelling some distance then why not give us a phone before you make the trip in case there is any confusion about opening hours or bank holidays etc.

2. Is there parking?

There is a parking bay up the back of the shop where you get two hours for free if you push the green button.  You can also park in the bays in front of the shop, you get 45 minutes from when they first clock you.  After that it's every man for themselves I'm afraid!

You get free parking down by Magdalen Green if you don't mind a short walk up to us.

3. Do you take a lunchbreak?

99% of the time I will have a sandwich with me but if we do happen to be closed for lunch there will be a sign on the window saying "Back in 10-15 mins" and I won't be long.

4. What's the dog's name?

The wise old collie is called Buddy and the strapping young spaniel is Gus.

Opening hours:

11am - 5.30pm Mon-Sat
Closed Wednesdays

Tel: 01382 226415